Managing Director
Elizabeth has always had an enthusiasm and natural talent for interior design. After many successful years working from her studio she first opened a showroom over twenty years ago. She works closely with her friendly and approachable team who include specialists in all aspects of the world of interiors.Elizabeth’s style brings together classic and current elements chosen to create a look which will transcend fashion and time. Her designs appeal to both young and old which is often confirmed by returning clients throughout the generations, with a love of travel Elizabeth draws inspiration from visiting new places and experiencing new cultures – she is always happy when her work takes her to a warmer climate!
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Interior Designer
Anna has worked at Elizabeth Stewart Interiors for over eight years and thrives on the diversity of the projects she handles – the contrast and variety of properties from beautiful country homes to the vibrant city apartments that she loves. Her passion for ensuring client’s personalities are expressed in each scheme (drawing inspiration from existing possessions) whilst creating practical, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing interiors makes her a sought after talent.
Interior Designer
Heather joined Elizabeth Stewart Interiors over 15 years ago and during that time has worked closely with Elizabeth in the development of the company, with a background in art, theatre design and merchandising display Heather favours refined, understated and elegant interiors with the inclusion of minute details about which she both obsesses and delights. Although fashions and styles change, the pleasure she derives from the satisfaction of completing a project for a happy client is a constant.
Interior Designer
Lucy joined Elizabeth Stewart Interiors over 3 years ago with a degree in Fine Art and several years of retail and home furnishing experience. Lucy has an extensive knowledge of our product library and enjoys keeping up to date with the latest collections and interior trends which she demonstrates within her work. Elizabeth and the team have passed on their experiences and expertise to allow Lucy to quickly become an additional member of the interior design team.